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In an interview today, Rand Paul was faced with a "gotcha" question on abortion. He replied, "Why don't you ask the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz if it's okay to kill a 7-lb baby in the uterus?"…

Well, Schultz took the bait and issued a press release today, stating that she supports ZERO government restrictions on any form of abortion. Period.…

Now, I see no reason to oppose abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, but Schultz sees no reason it should be illegal to murder a baby in the womb that is a day away from birth. Even though a baby at that point could easily survive on its own after leaving the womb, Schultz would be fine with killing it in the uterus so that it doesn't have that chance.

This is what the Democrats promise: Free baby-murdering for all women.
Imagine a scenario where the Democrats are dead-set on nominating Hillary Clinton for president in the 2016 elections, but she's being investigated for the crime of destroying federal records. Hence, she has no chance of winning the presidency.

If you had to vote in the Republican primaries, and you knew that the winner had a good chance of becoming President, who would you vote for?

Here is the list of potential candidates:…

What if the race had already progressed to the point where the only remaining viable candidates are Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz? Out of those four, who would you choose to be the next president?
Soon-to-be presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul has just released a federal budget that balances in 5 years, cuts taxes for everyone while simplifying the tax code as far as it can go, and eliminates some of the most expensive and totalitarian government agencies.…

This plan:
*Balances the budget in 5 years (under CBO projections).
*Replaces all federal taxes with a flat 17% income tax on all real (i.e. personal and corporate, NOT capital gains) income.
*Replaces the labyrinth of tax deductions and credits with a large, universal standard deduction linked to inflation (he gives $35,000 as an example for a family filing jointly).
*Eliminates the Department of Education.
*Eliminates the Department of Commerce.
*Eliminates the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
*Eliminates the Department of Energy.
*Drastically scales back the Department of Transportation.
*Repeals Obamacare.
*Block-grants federal welfare programs (Medicaid, SCHIP, food stamps, and child nutrition) to the states.
*Gives individuals a choice on how to invest our Social Security account money.
*And more.

This plan would radically reform the government to be far less burdensome, far less intrusive in our lives, and far more constitutional.

What do you all think of it?
1. Which party's primary will you vote in?
2. Who will you vote for and why?
3. Which major candidates could you NEVER vote for in the general election, even if their opponent is a greater evil? (and what will you do in that case?)

Yes, it's early. Yes, a lot could change over the next year. Take a guess anyways, and let's see where everyone stands.

I'll start:

1. Republican
2. Rand Paul - The only solidly pro-liberty candidate in the major party primaries.
3. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Ben Carson, all the Democrat candidates. If the Republicans choose stupidly, my fallback plan is to vote for the Libertarian Party and hope the Republicans lose and learn a lesson about alienating the libertarian part of their coalition.
Progressives love to browbeat their political opponents about scientific ignorance. Yet, it is those same progressives who are most often guilty of the most damaging forms of scientific ignorance.…

For now, I'd like to set aside those left-wing tendencies to embrace pseudoscience over real science on vaccines, GMOs, and so on, to focus on a far more damaging and widespread form of ignorance: Progressives don't know shit about economics.

Yes, that's right. Progressives are almost always entirely ignorant of the science of economics, yet can't keep their grubby little hands off of economic issues. Most progressives have never taken an economics class, have never read an economics book, and have no knowledge of economic terminology or theory. This contributes a great deal to why these progressives think government intervention is the appropriate answer to every perceived societal problem. They have no knowledge of the damaging economic consequences that result from these actions.

How can you tell if you are economically ignorant? If you first heard of the concept of "price elasticity of demand" from me, then you are economically ignorant. If you think there is a difference between "making health care a right" and "bringing the price elasticity of demand for health care to zero," then you are economically ignorant. If you think prices are higher or lower in different industries and markets because of differing levels of "greed," then you are economically ignorant. If you think there has ever been a country that went from poverty to prosperity while adopting socialism, then you are ignorant of economic history.

This economic ignorance poses a threat to society, because these ignorant people just won't stop voting to repeat the mistakes that economists have observed and tracked for centuries. How do we shine some light into the minds of these people and educate them, or at the very least, prevent them from voting based on their every ignorant whim?

UPDATE: If you find yourself to be ignorant of economics, I don't want you to think that I'm just attacking you. We're all ignorant of things at one time or another. It's not your fault if none of your schools emphasized the importance of learning this science for the sake of functioning in civilized society. So, if you find yourself in that position, I encourage you to take an introductory class on economics if you are able, or pick up a copy of a good economics text and read through it. It will change the way you think about the world. Here are a few:
:bulletyellow: Greg Mankiw's complete text.
:bulletyellow: Economics in One Lesson. This book takes a more "applied" approach, addressing the most common fallacies that repeatedly arise out of economic ignorance, time and time again throughout history.
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United States
I'm a Minarchist Libertarian, fighting against the oppression that our world complacently endures.

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