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I posted this exact argument on this forum over 3 years ago, and really failed to get through to most of you. But now that a black man has died over a stupid cigarette tax, the Washington Post is using this argument as one of their headlines:…

Amazing how things have changed over the years, isn't it? Now that somebody has died on video over some stupid law that New York health nuts implemented "for our own good," are you more willing to listen to the argument that government is violence?

When you vote in favor of laws, you are indirectly applying violence to enforcement of that law. If that law is not worth applying violence over, then you shouldn't vote in favor of that law. Once you realize that the violent force of government should only be used to stop violent force, you have stumbled upon the Non-Aggression Principle:…

This principle is central to the ideals of liberty and libertarianism. If the citizens of New York understood these principles, Eric Garner would still be alive today.
Why do Americans who sympathize with socialism hate having any label even resembling "socialism" applied to them? I've noticed this in my debates all over the internet, all over my social circles, and in the news. And when I say "socialism," I'm speaking in the broadest possible sense. People who support state-totalitarian socialism hate being called socialists. People who support Marxist ideals hate being called Marxists. People who believe strongly in democratic socialism or social democracy REFUSE to admit that they do. I mean, I'd hate to be called a socialist, because I'm a libertarian, at the far opposite end of the spectrum. But I wouldn't object to someone calling me a libertarian. I'm proud to be a libertarian, and I'm impressed and appreciative when someone recognizes it. Why aren't American socialists proud of their beliefs?

For example, I was researching party ideologies around the world, trying to compare other countries' political parties to those of the US. What I found is the the US Democratic Party's principles, policies, and strategies are absolutely identical in every way to the policies of other parties around the world that call themselves "social democrats." But good luck finding a news source that actually calls the Democrats "social democrats." The mainstream media seems to still believe that Bill Clinton is still the President, implementing his "Third Way." For those who are unfamiliar, the "Third Way" mostly supports capitalism with a small and decentralized government, aggressively balanced budgets, and a market-based welfare system that acts as a springboard rather than a crutch or a redistribution system.…

Even a cursory comparison between the Democratic Party of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, and the "Third Way" raises some major red flags. It's absurd on its face to suggest that these Democratic leaders prioritize budget-balancing as they increase government spending to 25% of the GDP and declare their opponents "obstructionists" for not letting them bring it even higher. It's absurd on its face to suggest that these Democrats support a small, and decentralized government that mostly favors capitalism, as they implement a government takeover of banks, the automobile industry, the health care industry, etc. President Obama frequently gives speeches in which he mentions a vague need for capitalism, and then immediately qualifies it by suggesting the government should take over everything that's "too important to be left to markets." Contemporary Democrats make a big issue out of "social justice," calling for redistributive taxes and race-and-sex-based welfare programs. All of these policies directly contradict the "Third Way" philosophy, and should offend any proponent of it, while making social democrats feel quite at home.…

Yet, when I tried voicing these observations to a Democrat, he got extremely offended, declaring that all reliable sources call the Democrats a "Third Way" party, and in response to my use of the term "social democrat," accused me of just being hostile to the Democratic Party. To be fair, there are plenty of ways in which I'm hostile towards the Democrats, but I'm honestly not trying to be antagonistic here! This is me making an honest effort to understand what Democrats believe. However, if they refuse to be honest about what their party advocates, then THAT would be something to be hostile about.

So what's the deal? Are they in denial about the departure of Bill Clinton from the White House? Are they trying to trick "Third Way" advocates into supporting social democracy? Are they just pulling the dumb hipster move of avoiding all labels? Does someone have a better explanation?
A common complaint I hear from people who want the FCC to regulate the internet is that their ISP has no competition. Well, I found a chart from the FCC that actually shows how much ISP competition there is across the United States:…

We can draw 4 very interesting conclusions from this map:

1.) A lack of ISP competition is not an issue for the vast majority of Americans.

2.) There is less ISP competition in very rural areas (duh- If you're moving away from civilization, you're moving away from civilization).

3.) There is less ISP competition in heavily regulated, Democrat-dominant regions (the coasts of California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, etc.).

4.) Up to 7 or more ISPs are competing for customers in most of the regions not afflicted by point #2 or #3 (and sometimes #2 is not a problem).

This means that the "not enough competition" excuse is really a local government problem- most likely from over-regulation. This is not a national issue at all. So why not stop trying to convince the FCC to nationalize the regulation problem, and start telling Mayor Bill de Blasio to get off the backs of all the competitors?
Ezra Klein has declared the events surrounding Jonathan Gruber "Obamacaregate."…

Why? Because in Ezra's own words, Gruber's statements confirm everything that Obamacare opponents already knew about the bill: "it's an unconstitutional law jammed through Congress on false pretenses by elitist technocrats who dismiss the intelligence of the American people."

For those who haven't been following this particular chain of events, the controversy has two parts (that Klein explains):

1.) Jonathan Gruber, lead architect of Obamacare, declared in front of an audience of technocrats that Obamacare's crucial subsidies cannot be implemented in the 36 states that refused to build an exchange. This directly supports the plaintiffs' arguments in the legal case, King v. Burwell, and would crush Obamacare in Republican states.

2.) Jonathan Gruber, lead architect of Obamacare, declared (on video) in front of audiences of Obamacare supporters, on at least 5 different occasions, that Americans are idiots that need to be tricked into supporting Obamacare through deceitful messaging like children who don't want to eat their veggies.

What's remarkable about this article is that Ezra Klein, who made his career by blogging in support of Obamacare, is still trying to play defense, even as he presents all these damning facts to his readers. He is a true believer who still just can't figure out why Gruber's speeches in front of supporters and messaging campaign in front of all us ignorant rubes seem to contradict each other. Klein still wants to believe that Gruber's messaging campaign is the transparent truth, while his comments to insiders don't really represent what he believes. Klein doesn't want to admit that he's been taken for a ride, and is willing to bizarrely suggest that Gruber was just acting stupidly when he said those things (repeatedly).

Of course, Klein's explanation, like those of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama is just an absurd attempt to sever Obamacare's architect to save the rest of it. Staying in this metaphor, you can cut off a limb to save the body, but it doesn't really work when the problem is in the head.

Still, we've been able to make a clear argument that Obamacare was "an unconstitutional law jammed through Congress on false pretenses by elitist technocrats who dismiss the intelligence of the American people" since long before Gruber's comments came out. From Pelosi's declaration that "you have to pass the bill to find out what is in it," to Obama's Lie of the Year that "If you like your plan/doctor/insurance, you can keep it. Nobody's going to take that away," the contempt that the leaders who created this bill have for our intelligence and for our right to personal choice has been clear from the start. And when Americans started to realize that they had been fooled, Obama's response was to declare the need for "more messaging" (i.e. lie harder). This strategy successfully fooled enough gullible people to temporarily boost his approval ratings and get him reelected in 2012.

Well, on the plus side, we are finally past the point where Obamacare's supporters can just ignore all these inconvenient facts, as Ezra Klein has done for years. But many true believers are still on the defensive. How long will it take them to come to terms with the fact that they were fooled? Are we nearing the point where enough people realize that Obamacare is a mistake that we can finally talk about how to get rid of it and undo the damage done by health care regulation?
3 months ago I was diagnosed with a crippling, incurable autoimmune disease. It has been weighing me down for at least a year and a half, but it really knocked me on my ass starting about 5 months ago. I can hardly walk. I was blind for about a month over the summer. I discovered last night that my wrists are now affected, because when I was trying to comfort my wife about our future together, I couldn't extend my wrist at a far enough angle to to put my palm on her cheek. I'm only 25 years old, but I'm just as bad off as a rheumatic 85 year old.

There are treatments for this disease, but the process is SLOW. The diagnostic process was slow. The medical establishment is slow. The treatment trials are slow. This is right around the 1-year anniversary of when I first called the doctor about chest pain- my first symptom that I couldn't just write off as a muscle ache, or laziness. I finally started my first real treatment trial 2 months ago, but the treatment is now failing, and I've become disabled again. I need to try another treatment, but they won't let me do that until I have another test done, which they scheduled at the earliest possible opportunity nearly a month from now. That means an entire month of constant torture, little physical capability, and crushing mental fatigue. I'm also terrified I might go blind again.

I feel trapped in my own body. I'm too young for this shit. I don't have the savings to take a medical leave from my job, and even if I could, that might get my wife's green card application denied, and she wouldn't be here to help take care of me anymore.

And the worst part is, there's nothing anyone can do about any of this. All I can do for the next month is complain and suffer and bite leather to get me through each day while I still try to get computer work done. My PhD clock is still ticking.

In mid-December, I will get to choose between a very effective treatment that will probably cause long-term organ damage and shorten my life, or another treatment that's safer, but has a higher chance of failing. Then it will take another 3 months to determine if that treatment is working. If not, wash, rinse, repeat.

So yeah. Life sucks. Some lives suck more than others. Appreciate what you have, seize the day, and use your time wisely, because you might wake up one day and realize you're halfway down the path to becoming Stephen Hawking.
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I'm a Minarchist Libertarian, fighting against the oppression that our world complacently endures.

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