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I spent all day debating with conservatives about immigration. Many of the arguments against immigration were nonsensical or bigoted. The most coherent argument I encountered was this:

-Immigrants come from more socialist countries.
-Immigrants here use welfare programs more than native-born Americans. 
-Hence, immigrants come here to use our welfare programs.
-Because immigrants use more welfare, the more immigrants we have, the more voters we have supporting socialism. 
-Hence, open borders means perpetual Democrat dominance, and a slide into totalitarian socialism. 

Basically, conservatives don't like immigrants because immigrants vote Democrat. I argued that immigrants don't like Republicans because Republicans try to deport their families, but they didn't believe it. They think it's all about the welfare. 

So what can we do to solve this?

I think welfare programs are the key to the national disagreement on immigration. If we get rid of the welfare programs, then immigration won't be such a problem in the minds of conservatives anymore. One thing we could do is have immigrants speak out and vocally reject socialism and the welfare state. It would really help to have immigrants explain to conservatives how they came to this country to get away from socialism, not to get more of it. 

Do you agree this would help? 
...even if you're a Democrat (where laws allow it). Here's why:

Let's not kid ourselves- the Democrats are sure to nominate Hillary Clinton. There's nothing any of us can do to change that.

But the Republican primary is wide open. It's a free-for-all civil war between several different ideologies. You have a real chance to make a difference and actually bring reform to the party. If the Republicans go on to beat Hillary with the better candidate, that candidate will define the Republican's philosophy for generations to come. And even if you really don't want the Republican to win, you can still have your say in the Republican primary and go on to vote for Hillary in November. 

You should do this and teach the Republicans a lesson. Because given how the debate is going over there right now, they certainly haven't learned anything from Bush's mistakes. Or McCain's. Or Romney's.……

Rand Paul gave a 10.5 hour speech on the Senate floor the other day as a de facto filibuster against section 215 of the PATRIOT Act, which has been used to justify the NSA's bulk collection of data. Last night, he again blocked renewal of the act by objecting to all voice votes to have short-term extensions of the measure.…

The Senate will reconvene on May 31st at 4pm, 8 hours before the expiration of the programs, at which point Paul will again resume his filibuster. As long as Rand Paul keeps this up, there is no way to force a renewal through the Senate. The sections will expire, and the NSA will no longer have any legal cover to persist in mass data collection. Rand Paul will have defeated this thing. 

The funny thing is, there are many people who could have fought for the 4th Amendment and stopped this, but none of them even tried.

:bulletblack: A federal court recently ruled that the NSA's spying program is not even authorized by the text of the PATRIOT Act. That means the Obama administration has been continuing these programs illegally without congressional authorization for 6 years. He could have and still can stop this by executive order at any time. 

:bulletblack: The Democrats could have repealed the PATRIOT Act in 2009 or 2010 when they controlled 2 out of 3 branches of government, but they were too busy expanding government power and taking away our health care choices to worry about protecting liberty or the Constitution. 

:bulletblack: NONE of the other Republican presidential candidates see the problem with trashing the 4th Amendment and having a Big-Brother-style surveillance state. Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush...they all have fought Rand Paul on this. 

Rand Paul is alone in Washington D.C. fighting for the liberty that we all want our representatives to protect. And he's finally winning. 
After being subjected to VISIONOFTHEWORLD's theory that libertarians are secretly fascists who invented the word "liberty" to cover for their efforts to crush freedom, I think this community needs to have an open discussion about the definitions of "fascism" and "liberty." 

Liberty is freedom of the individual from government control. 
Fascism is total control of the individual by the government in the interests of the country. 

Libertarians believe the freedom of speech in all forms should be protected. 
Fascists believe speech (and especially political speech and contributions) should be controlled. 

Libertarians believe in free market competition (capitalism). 
Fascists hate capitalism, believing it empowers individuals at the expense of the power of the state and the people who comprise it. 

Libertarians believe voluntary action is the best way to solve most problems. 
Fascists believe all problems of society should be solved through government action. 

Libertarians believe in race-blind laws. 
Fascists believe the law should benefit the "disadvantaged" races at the expense of the "privileged" races. 

Libertarians believe parents should be allowed to raise their own kids as they see fit. 
Fascists believe children are the property of society as a whole, and must be raised by the state through government-run education and service programs. 

Libertarians believe crucial services such as health care are too important to be left to the government. 
Fascists believe crucial services such as health care are too important to be left to the free market. 

Fascists accuse libertarians of being "plutocrats." 
Libertarians accuse fascists of being, well, fascists. 

All of these comparisons are based in historical literature and quotes from the fascist leaders, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. It's pretty clear that Liberty and Fascism are polar opposites. Does anyone have trouble coming to terms with any of these descriptions? 
Rand Paul has proposed a rather unique idea to help the poor.…

He suggests creating "economic freedom zones" for poverty-stricken areas nearing anarchy, like Detroit. This plan would bring tax rates to 0% in those areas, effectively creating tax havens to encourage economic development in the places that are worst served by our society. One condition for this is that to take advantage of the 0% tax rates, companies have to hire workers who live in that zone. 

Who could possibly dislike this? It takes the Democrat ideas of economic stimulus and implements them in a way that actually makes good economic sense, by allowing for more liberty rather than more government direction of the flow of wealth. 

Who can deny that this will work? If you believe that tax havens draw in outside investment, then (if you're not a raging hypocrite) you have to believe that this will create a private sector stimulus. 

So what do you think? Shouldn't we give poor cities like Detroit the benefits enjoyed by places like Singapore, Switzerland, and Luxembourg? 
Other deviants on the politics forum can get 300 comments on their posts after a week if their thread is particularly controversial. I get 300 comments overnight. :iconnorrisplz:


United States
I'm a Minarchist Libertarian, fighting against the oppression that our world complacently endures.

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The llama was for your conversation with SJW @$$hole :iconcosmic--chaos: - too bad she didn't take her own advice and GTFO this site, it would be such an improvement!
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Thanks! Always happy to piss off a few SJWs. 
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Keep up the good work!
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Liberals can't stand libertarians because we beat them at their own game. Anytime a liberal tries to couch their rhetoric in ideas of equality and freedom, libertarians can up the ante and force the liberal to fold their bluff. It's fun. =D

Lately, I've been playing the same game against Tea Party conservatives. Everybody says they want liberty, but only libertarians are really willing to take the concept to its logical conclusion. 
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